AI driven project insights – Sharktower Partnership

As part of Alirity’s delivery proposition we are working with Sharktower as our strategic partner, utilising their next generation project management software. We will be using their software to

a.    Manage our portfolio of projects across clients

b.    Manage our internal portfolio and

c.     Manage client projects (where appropriate)

The intuitive nature of the product and its use of data will complement our existing proposition and allow us to continue to provide effective insights to our clients.

The Sharktower software will form part of our overall technology stack that enables us to deliver our quality services to our clients. 

About Sharktower

Traditional project management can no longer deliver the complex, pivotal change that businesses need to survive and grow. When it’s sink or swim, the accepted norms of siloed working, delayed updates and missed deadlines have to change.

Sharktower’s intelligent project planning and portfolio management software gives businesses clarity, transparency and control in one place. It means work can be planned, managed and tracked visually in real-time, and viewed across the whole business.

Under the surface, Sharktower’s machine learning models analyse data to spot problems before they happen, showing project health, slippage and team sentiment in a truly objective way.

Change is complex. How you deliver it doesn’t have to be.

You can find out more about Sharktower on their website