Delivery optimisation

An independent perspective ensures that status-quo bias, loss aversion and omission bias are avoided

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The Alirity approach incorporates both objective and subjective techniques

  1. Objective assessment techniques utilise data secured from documentation and tooling
  2. Subjective assessment considers status against information and sentiment gained from interview/workshop activities
  3. Robust assurance activities should consider aspects of both of these techniques. Importantly, Alirity assurance will assess the degree to which the subjective and objective are aligned, and therefore start to give insight into cultural, communication and knowledge factors

The best way to ensure timely and impactful results from change and transformation

Delivery Optimisation

Alirity is able to bring a proven assurance approach, enhanced with the lessons from the successes of our previous assurance experience. We customise our scope to your needs, offering detailed findings, executive summaries, and specific deliverables as required.