Measuring Security Value.

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Here is the fourth instalment from Abhishek Vyas in our Security series, providing context around how you can demonstrate the value of security.

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With security spanning confidentiality, integrity and availability — it can become quite difficult to understand the value that security brings. Its not as simple for systems to just be online, its not as simple as just hosting data on a set of redundant disks.

In light of GDPR and associated data breach fines, it has become some what easier to lobby for security spend. Taking a different approach, can having good security help the business release products to market faster?

There are several benefits to having security baked into ways of working for the business, which can result in increased customer confidence and a lower likelihood of a data breach.

As you can see from the above, there are several benefits of integrating security into the business, so there is some value, but the key question is how to measure it? Whilst this can be difficult, as value is generally subjective, there are some ways in which this can be gauged.

If the business were to assume that a breach is more likely than not, getting a view on asset value can help plan the security spend, and help demonstrate how much value is being protected by the security counter measures deployed.

Applying a good security architecture, deploying appropriate countermeasures and backing that up with scalable assurance processes can help maximise the value (given that much of this can be re-usable if deployed correctly).

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