How data can drive your transformation

There is much said around the digitalisation of businesses, how they change and evolve to meet market needs and leverage technology. However, are we really innovating and far too often are we constraining ourselves by what has gone before and how we operate today? Are organisations investing wisely? Do we understand how to handle the legacy environment?

What Is A Digital Transformation?

Digital transformations are a fundamental change to an organisation’s processes to deliver its services or products to customers. Although many organisations are on a journey already there is still a long way to go. As the world becomes increasingly digital, organisations want to keep up with their competitors and stay relevant. We find it difficult to pinpoint one definition of digital transformation as it can look different for every company. However, transformations which take place involve the integration of technology into all areas within a business to enhance experience, improve productivity and deliver customer value.

Embarking On A Digital Transformation 

Those that succeed with transforming and innovating, at scale, have a different kind of mindset focused on continuous learning, adaptability and a design thinking approach.

Leveraging Data

Organisations need to be moving away from traditional operating models and consider what digitalisation really means from a front to back office perspective. Traditional processes need to be tipped on their head and customers need to be placed at the heart of how the business runs and provides its products and services.

The leveraging of data to

• Provide better customer experiences & outcomes
• Make better business decisions
• Improve quality
• Develop insights
• Support automation

There is real opportunity to innovate and rethink the products & services we offer to customers and how the status quo can be disrupted. Technology is the enabler but a focus on “need”, “outcome” and “experience” needs to take precendent and remove the current shackles of what we do. Technology has introduced different ways to sell and consume the products and services but the underlying product is the same.

Alirity – Digital Transformations 

Alirity bridge the gap between business and technology to help companies innovate, pivot and evolve. From applying design thinking principles for rapid prototyping of business models and services, through to harnessing the power of people and technology to embrace enterprise agility, we bring experience, expertise and enthusiasm to help our clients do the ‘right thing’ at the ‘right time’. Get in contact with our experts at Alirity here

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