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Transforming the Learner’s Experience and Journey for a global pharma brand


strategic themes identified


associates engaged via surveys, interviews and workshops


countries participating in research efforts

Our client envisioned establishing a ‘Skills Ecosystem’ to revolutionize the associate experience in career development and learning journeys. The Learner Experience Program played a pivotal role in achieving these objectives by thoroughly comprehending the current needs, challenges, and aspirations of associates in the context of learning.

Our client tasked us with the following objectives:

  • Understand employee preferences and experiences related to learning and development.

  • Identify areas for improvement to enhance positive learning outcomes.

  • Establish a repeatable process for user research to consistently inform L&D strategy, approach, and implementation.

  • Develop relevant insights to support future change adoption.

The client’s substantial investment in Learning & Development underscores its critical role in supporting organizational performance and the broader change agenda, aiming to unleash the power and potential of its people.

Working collaboratively with our client’s team, our consultants adopted a Design Thinking approach, emphasizing understanding, observation, and defining a point-of-view. The high-level process involved two distinct phases:


Data and Insight Collection:

a. Leveraged previous learning experience research, enterprise personas, and templates

b. Utilized surveys, interviews (for empathy), and focus groups to extract key insights.



a. Conducted targeted sessions to seek participant validation.

b. Presented outputs to select stakeholder groups on personas and journeys.

c. Implemented follow-up surveys to address gaps in understanding and collect additional data points.


This iterative approach resulted in overall positive engagement and a willingness to share experiences, activities, and processes.

Four prominent themes surfaced from the research, notably highlighting capacity and relevancy concerns in training, along with challenges associated with navigating numerous digital channels and technologies. The research findings were leveraged to:

  • Create a Repeatable Research Toolkit: Developed a toolkit that can be adopted by other change initiatives, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in research methodologies.
  • Inform Overall L&D Strategy & Investment: Provided compelling evidence and valuable input for shaping the overall Learning & Development strategy and guiding investments, aligning them with the specific needs of the organization.
  • Enable Tactical Interventions: Facilitated tactical interventions, particularly around mandatory learning, by offering insights and recommendations derived from the research findings.

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