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Transforming Digital and Data Integration: Organisational Design to Accelerating Innovation and Scaling Ambition within Drug Development

4 weeks

timeframe for finalising leadership roles in the new organisational design

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initiatives successfully secured full investment for the fiscal year

Alirity was enlisted to facilitate the integration of digital and data teams into line functions, aligning with the vision established by our client’s Executive Committee for Global Drug Development function (GDD). The primary goal was to expedite and scale innovative ideas in collaboration with line functions, fostering tighter integrations within GDD and promoting cross-collaboration and knowledge sharing across business units.

The existing GDD Digital and Data teams were operating in a siloed and fragmented manner, necessitating a reconstruction of the operating model. The primary objective was to reconstruct a scalable operating model, strategically geared towards achieving the ambitious goal of substantial pipeline value growth, coupled with enhanced operational efficiency.

Within a tight 12-week timeframe, and working closely with our client’s leadership, our consultants crafted a high-level design – essentially a roadmap translating the overarching vision into tangible deliverables and a timeline. This design concentrated on enabling the People and Process elements of the operating model:


  • Leadership Roles:

All leadership roles were finalised within the initial four weeks in collaboration with the human resource business partner.

Active engagement with leaders was prioritised to enhance understanding of how roles would evolve and to prepare for the impact of new working methods.


  • Strategic Roadmaps:

The team collaborated with Heads of Business Platforms to formulate and align strategic three-year roadmaps. Detailed business cases and investment proposals were meticulously developed and submitted to the financial authority for GDD non-drug investment. This strategic coordination ensured support for investments, resulting in full fiscal year investments for several key initiatives.


  • Governance Structure:

A new Data & Digital governance structure was conceived and integrated, securing Director-level Platform sponsorship from Line Functions.


  • Change Management and Communication:

A comprehensive change management strategy was executed, including the development and delivery of materials aimed at engaging all Digital & Data associates and GDD stakeholders in the relaunched function.

By successfully executing these strategies, Alirity played a pivotal role in transforming the operational landscape, fostering collaboration, and laying the foundations for achieving the ambitious goal of increasing pipeline value.

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