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Strategic Assessment of Legacy Systems: Enhancing Operations in a Leading Financial Institution


pain points captured and categorized for comprehensive analysis

4 weeks

rapid assessment timeframe

A UK-based building society sought to evaluate the shortcomings of their treasury management system. Recent findings revealed gaps in support for their intended business model. Alirity was enlisted to conduct a swift assessment of their treasury architecture, collaborating through workshops with various departments (Accounting, Reporting, Sales) and supporting teams (IT and Data Governance). The outcome was a set of strategic recommendations tailored to their future business needs. 

Multiple client teams utilized the Treasury system for various purposes, each presenting distinct needs and opinions regarding its alignment with current business processes. Apprehensions arose concerning system performance, scalability, and the integrity of output data. While alternative solutions from competitors were suggested and under consideration, a formal review process had yet to be initiated. 

Alirity started by understanding the client’s key processes through open workshops, capturing issues and workflows. The findings were then analysed, considering system architecture, prioritized issues, competitor analysis, and risk review. Swiftly, strategic recommendations were made, weighing the options of getting a new system or reconfiguring the current one with an expanded SLA.

Alirity provided valuable insights using data-driven methods to answer important and strategic questions, such as: 

  • Does the current platform support the business and its future plans? 

  • Have we assessed and addressed current and future risks appropriately? 

  • If the current platform is suitable, what challenges must be addressed for future use? 

  • If the current platform doesn’t work, what are our options, and what steps should we take?

The outputs, serving as enduring artifacts, not only provided visual aids for recommendations but also offered valuable context for future business use. 

The entire rapid assessment took just 4 weeks, thanks to careful planning, clear communication, and expertise from the Alirity team. 

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