Case Studies / Data

Laying the foundations for world class data management for a global pharmaceutical brand


Data maturity score baselined to industry standards (EDM Council’s DCAM Framework)


Data Management specific controls defined as part of Enterprise Control Environment


Budget secured to support data management related activities

To power the next phase of innovation, growth and productivity, our client had a clear strategic mandate to ‘go big on data and digital’.

The healthcare industry had reached a digital inflection point, with firms looking to harness the power of data science and digital technologies to derive insight, scale up initiatives in research, development and manufacturing, and improve the experience of customers and patients.

An unsatisfactory internal audit had highlighted why fixing our client’s data was an essential task to harness the true value of the organization’s data. There was a fragmented landscape of data management and consumption including weak data ownership, data stored in silos and low data quality . As part of the audit remediation, a task force was established to address foundational elements required to enable an enterprise data strategy.

We helped our client establish a data management program with a clear mandate to remediate audit issues and establish a data operating model. Leveraging our data operating framework, 3 areas were initially prioritised:

  1. Working with key business stakeholders and change champions, a strategic analysis was conducted to redefine and establish the enterprise data management strategy and policies.
  2. A data organization and structure were designed, with the establishment of data domains aligned to core business functions. Enterprise Data Owners were appointed to enforce data ownership and stewardship across designated business domains.
  3. An enterprise data governance framework was operationalized through establishment of governance forums to drive increased accountability.

Once the first phase of the operating model was functional, we mobilised a team of consultants and client staff to conduct a data maturity assessment benchmarking data management capability to industry standards; and prioritising initiatives for maturity uplift (in line with enterprise data strategy).

  • A year on from initial audit outcomes, we completed and passed audit remediation, resulting in approval of enterprise data management controls that would support governance and policies across the organization.
  • The organization also achieved an on-par data maturity score relative to the pharmaceutical benchmark. Finally, we secured a multi-million-dollar budget to drive strategic initiatives for data maturity uplift.
  • We continue to support our client in executing their multi-year data strategy – on both strategic and practical elements across various programs.

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