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Improving operating performance and prepare for a mega merger


Reduction in operating cost

$70 million

Funding secured to support strategic


Improvement in Profitability

Our client was preparing for a mega merger to expand its global footprint and enable an even broader range of client services

Following the mega merger deal announcement, the Professional Services client aimed to tackle key integration issues identified during the Due Diligence phase, and establish a plan to realise merger synergies.

Our Post Merger Integration approach consisted of 3 main stages:

  1. Day 1 Readiness: ensuring that business operations and continuity remained uninterrupted whilst delivering on human capital retention and cost & asset reduction strategies.
  2. Post Day 1: comprehensive 100-day plan prioritising integration areas fundamental to realising the value creation agenda.
  3. 500-day planning: supporting senior management on longer term strategic initiatives with a strong emphasis on driving increased collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Delivered a 13% reduction in operating cost, in just 6 months post-merger.
  • Achieved a 7% increase in profit-per-partner (key metric of success and financial health)
  • Successfully secured over USD 70 million from ExCo to support several strategic initiatives focused on transforming and enhancing client services and knowledge management operations

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