Case Studies / Data

Enterprise Lighthouse projects for a government agency

24 weeks

to deliver improved reporting capabilities


user satisfaction rating achieved


availability of all major regulatory publications within 12 months

A government body were eager to improve their use of data to deliver a single version of the truth for regulatory publications, actuarial analysis, organizational Management Information (MI) and accelerate digital transformation of its business operations.

The client had undertaken several data transformations previously, with limited success. Coupled with corporate inertia, there were several competing analytic functions working in isolation, raising serious concerns that yet another major transformation initiative would fail to realise any quick wins & short-term tangible benefits

Alirity focused on understanding the key business drivers (aimed at faster delivery and enhanced accuracy) relative to analytics output. A Proof-of-concept (POC) was then initiated to migrate the biggest analytic insights into a flexible cloud computing platform – the single source of the truth


The design principle was clear; deliver value to the business quickly in terms of insights whilst standing up key cloud infrastructure. The lighthouse projects would deliver measurable outcomes and serve as a model for other similar projects within the broader transformation initiative.

  • We delivered a marked improvement in reporting capability within 24 weeks – circa 85% in user satisfaction rating.

  • With all major regulatory publications running from the cloud platform within 12 months – realising a key objective of the client to deliver service at speed.

  • Additionally, the platform capabilities provided enhanced flexibility allowing improved focus and prioritization of additional use cases

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