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Conducting assurance for a major retail franchise’s core platform replacement to boost confidence and enhance valuation ahead of an imminent sale or acquisition


Comprehensive risk observations with recommended action plans


Identified executive recommendation themes


Decision post-remediation action (in readiness for acquisition)

Our client’s CEO expressed doubts about the accuracy and impartiality of the status reports for the platform replacement program. They sought an independent and organised assessment that would encompass the following: 

  • Evaluation of program delivery progress compared to the initial scope. 
  • Assessment of governance processes in relation to industry best practices. 
  • An unbiased projection of the expected implementation timeline for a high-quality product. 
  • Alignment of the projected implementation timeline with the scheduled sale or acquisition. 
  • Development of a corrective action plan to enhance visibility, quality, and adherence to the timeline in program delivery. 

The client operates a diverse network of European outlets, both owned and franchised, relying on IT services for daily operations. As growth escalated, technology optimisation became crucial. 


The aging in-house core platform faced functionality and capacity constraints, prompting the IT team to launch a modern, Agile-based replacement program, emphasising cloud technology. 


Under a new CEO, visibility and confidence in the program’s progress took center stage. The CEO initiated a Delivery Assurance process to objectively validate the program’s status, aligning it with the company’s growth goals. 

The client CEO needed an accelerated assurance process within a strict timeframe. To meet this, we focused on the most critical findings and action plans while also noting less impactful items for future consideration if needed. 


We adhered to Alirity’s established assurance framework, assessing the program’s core elements related to visibility, quality, and timeline, aligning with the client’s primary concerns. Given limited program documentation, we gathered subjective insights through conversations and workshops with key stakeholders. 


Our collaborative approach fostered trust and facilitated the gathering of relevant information from the client’s resources. We maintained regular update meetings with the client CEO to ensure a swift assurance process by addressing any obstacles and staying current with emerging findings. 

We delivered a comprehensive report that included: 


  • An executive summary outlining the seven most critical thematic findings. 

  • A detailed report featuring 21 observations and associated recommended action plans. 

  • Identification of risks in relation to best practice methodology, accompanied by recommendations to manage and mitigate these risks. 

  • A proposed sequence of actions to create a recovery plan. 


We shared these observations with the client in real-time, allowing for swift remediation of the most critical issues to minimise adverse impacts. This involved detailed actions for validating and re-planning various components of the delivery schedule to establish a more confident baseline. 

Following our assurance process, the recommended re-planning and remediation actions were implemented. As a result, a positive pre-sale technical due diligence of the ongoing delivery was achieved, ultimately maximising the sale value. 

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