Case Studies / Delivery & Design

Delivering the change and engagement strategy on a global transformation program

2 countries

First movers undertaking change impact assessment

6 weeks

Turnaround time to undertake change impact assessment (usually 3-4 months)

Alirity was engaged to support the rollout of an enterprise resource planning solution – an important strategic program for our client. This enterprise-wide program focused on improving global end-to-end processes, developing new systems and technology solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across the organization, and delivering one version of data truth.

Following a strategic reset, and a subsequent re-organization by our client, there was increasing focus on all major programs to deliver value quickly and adopt a different approach to execution – and deliver impact. The ERP program would serve as a bellwether and backbone for future growth, due to the reprioritised objectives to enhance operational efficiencies, scale, and synergies.

We were engaged in the capacity of leading the global change management workstream, with an immediate focus on enabling the early-mover countries. There were various go-live targets throughout the year, with the first major go-live scheduled for early Q1 the following year. Our primary objective was to successfully land the new systems, processes, and ways of working into the countries, leveraging our agile methodologies and approach.

  • In the first 100 days, we replanned and refined the methodology and pulled together the approach for the local change impact assessment on the two first mover countries.

  • This was turned around in 6 weeks (usually a 3–4-month turnaround). The early impact assessment gave insight on how and what associates will be impacted by, enabling a tailored and date driven change intervention plan to drive successful implementation and adoption by the organization.

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