Case Studies / Data

AI digital marketing programme for a multinational Telecoms business

3.5 million

Unique personalised customer engagements

1 award

Marketing Team of the year

Delivery of digital marketing transformation program at the UK’s largest Telecoms business.

Overseeing the delivery of a self-service custom-made enterprise marketing tool, large scale data engineering including cloud migration, and reinforcement learning models. Transformation of the way that our client engaged with their customers, creating a single consistent experience regardless of contact channel. Using data driven insights to help our client create the UK’s most personalized customer experience.

The program had reached MVP but remained in a transitional state and was offering limited tangible benefits. The client had a clear desire to be more operational. However, a waterfall delivery methodology, a lack of operational structure and governance, and poor business engagement meant the program was struggling to move beyond MVP.

  1. Identify and understand operational gaps. Work with the existing team to understand what is in place to support the MVP, and the issues with using this approach to deliver a more scalable solution.
  2. Design and deliver operational capability including stand up of a marketing delivery squad and data engineering function.
  3. Shift programme focus from waterfall to agile with increased focus on value delivered to the Business and benefits delivered to the customers.
  4. Increase business engagement by improving development and business transformation processes. Increase speed to market by bringing forward delivery timescales.

Successful programme delivery and speed to market, supported by effective data engineering, AI driven marketing content and the roll out of the tool to new locations.

  • We delivered an AI driven marketing tool which is now serving personalised messages to over 3.5m unique customers a month, with plans to expand capabilities further over the next 3 years.
  • The Alirity programme team won an award for Marketing team of the year for the UK’s largest Telecoms business.
  • The Telecoms business goals of becoming the UK’s most personalised brand are on track to deliver in 2023/24.

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