Your Team

Throughout your projects with Alirity, there is a team behind you to support in different areas. These will be:

​Client Account Lead (CAL)

• Your Client Account Lead manages Alirity’s relationship with the End Client. ​
• They can provide important context on the client and the project you’re working on. ​
• They will hold regular meetings with you to discuss the status of your work, your client relationships, your experience of working with the client, any imminently due deliverables, and anything else that’s relevant. ​
• They review your RAG reports and timesheets.


Head of People and Culture (HoPaC)​

• The Head of People and Culture is responsible for our Associate Value Proposition and the Associate Experience of partnering with Alirity. ​
• Contact the Head of People and Culture with any questions or suggestions around onboarding, process, and community. ​


Alirity Buddy

• From April 2024, we are piloting a new initiative whereby we pair new Associates with a member of the permanent consulting team. ​
• The idea is to build stronger community connections by bringing Associates closer to the core team. ​
• Your Buddy is there to offer context and pointers, and generally make you feel welcome.