Our Contracting Process

Associate engagements

Our Associate engagements comprise a combination of contracts.
Contract signatures are facilitated digitally via Signable, allowing convenient and secure signing from any device and providing you with a copy for your records


Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Early on, we establish a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality as we exchange sensitive information, such as project details and your personal details. You sign this Agreement as an individual.

Once we agree to collaborate, all further contracting will be between Alirity and your company. There are normally two types of contract: a Framework Agreement, and a Statement of Work (SOW).


Framework Agreement

The Framework Agreement outlines standard terms for the way your company and Alirity will work together, reviewed just once to streamline the process. The Framework Agreement usually includes payment terms, notice periods, and intellectual property rights.

We’ve developed the Framework Agreement with expert legal advice to ensure its comprehensiveness and quality. We will gladly answer any questions you may have on the Framework Agreement after you have reviewed it.


​​Statement of Work

The Statement of Work specifies the particulars of each engagement, such as deliverables, pricing, and any relevant End Client details. Thanks to the Framework Agreement, SOWs are typically concise and straightforward.