An outline of the hardware/software used as part of Associate delivery is as follows. ​

You will provide services to Alirity and our End Client using computer and telephony equipment provided by your limited company. Many Associates/companies see this as material to their IR35 position.

We will set you up with an Alirity Microsoft Office 365 account as part of your onboarding, including SharePoint access, an Alirity email address and an Alirity Teams account. We will communicate important information via Teams and/or your Alirity email, so please make sure that you are logged in to these and check them regularly.

We will also give you access to other software used by Alirity.

End Clients use different means to access their systems and data, often driven by their confidentiality and security policies. These include:

  • Physical machine access – a laptop collected from End Client offices, or posted to your own office location;
  • Virtual Machine access – for access from your own hardware, using End Client credentials;
  • No End Client access – occasionally the nature of the services provided means that no End Client system access is required.

Services provided to End Clients should be completed using either your Alirity accounts, or your End Client accounts (where available), and not your own limited company accounts.

You are, of course, free to use your company’s tools/systems to execute the work, if it is subsequently packaged up in Alirity and/or client branding and submitted from the appropriate systems.