If you are an Alirity Associate, please use the following information when you raise and submit your invoice:

Your invoice and payment terms will be defined in your contract. Please invoice in line with the contractual terms that you have agreed.​

When raising invoices, please date your invoice the last day of the month you are billing for.​

For example: for work completed in January, your invoice should be dated 31st January​

Please send your invoice to: ​

There is no standard template for invoices however, if you would like a template – this template invoice can be used.​


Please ensure your invoice includes:

• A unique invoice number
• Your company name, address and contact information​
• Your VAT number (if relevant)​
• Our company name and address (see template)​
• A clear description of what you’re charging for​
• The dates that the service were provided (supply date)​
• The date of the invoice​
• The amount(s) being charged​
• VAT amount (if applicable)​
• The total amount owed​
• Bank Account Number and Sort Code