Our contracts include an obligation for your company to secure and maintain certain insurance policies. We will ask for evidence of this insurance when you first sign a contract with us and then from time to time, normally in line with any subsequent contracts or expiry dates.

Insurance thresholds can vary depending on the scale of the services your company is providing to Alirity. Where there is higher risk, we may require greater insurance. Insurance thresholds may be the same as terms Alirity has with the End Client, in which case there will be no flexibility in the cover levels required. Typically, for most engagements, our requirement is for the following:​

  • £2m Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance
  • £5m Public Liability (PL) insurance
  • £5m Employee Liability (EL) insurance, where applicable (ie where an Associate company has an employee(s) involved in the provision of the service, that are not company directors)