The following guidance covers the most common situations regarding expenses. Please refer to your specific Statement Of Work (SOW) for what applies to your situation, and if you have any queries contact your Alirity Client Account Lead.

​The SOW will specify whether it is likely to be necessary to provide services from a specific location, and whether it is possible to reclaim expenses incurred in the provision of the services.

Normally, travel expenses incurred by your company to an End Client location that are outside of any contractual requirement can be reclaimed.

Prior to incurring any costs that you may seek to reclaim, your company should seek approval via your Alirity Client Account Lead and the End Client.

Retain written/email evidence of this approval. These expenses can then be submitted in an invoice in line with the timing and processes outlined in the framework contract and SOW.

​When booking and incurring costs, please refer to both the Alirity expenses policy and any End Client policy, to ensure that the costs for any particular item are reasonable and within the limits set by both policies.