Understanding client relationships​

Alirity = Your client

End Client = Alirity’s client


If you’re used to working with recruitment agencies, there is a key difference to note with your relationship to Alirity. ​
In our collaborative model, as an Associate, Alirity is your business’s client. This is no secret to Alirity’s End Clients: they know us, and they trust the experts working under our banner to deliver exceptional results. ​

What this means for you: ​

• Your company will (normally) provide services to our End Client on our behalf, with a great deal of autonomy and minimal supervision, direction or control. ​

• You will represent yourself as an Alirity Associate throughout any engagements with Alirity End Clients. ​​

• You will not normally have the authority to make commercial commitments to the End Client beyond your SoW. If such a conversation is necessary, you should notify your Client Account Lead (CAL) who will take over. ​​

• In addition to delivery for the End Client, your company has responsibilities to Alirity. We expect you to align with our values, delivery practices, and delivery styles, as set out in this guide. ​​

• Your company will provide services as you see fit, within these guardrails. ​​

• Your company must decide whether it will seek legal or tax advice regarding its IR35 position and any Alirity contracting. For more information on IR35, see the IR35 section of this Playbook.