We are calling time on traditional consultancy.
Are you in?

  •  Connect with leading companies and their most interesting roles (before anyone else/exclusive to Acumendor)
  • Grow your business and consultancy, promote your business, build your reputation
  • Simplify and streamline your business processes, get support from peers

Our Story

The idea behind Acumendor was born out of necessity and a belief we could change the way consultants work with clients.

Through our firm, The Analysts, we love bringing freelance experts we trust and enjoy working with to collaborate on client projects. But this used to be a lengthly process and relied on a lot of manual work. So we decided to build a platform which would bring together trusted freelance experts to give them visibility of client projects we were working on. If our experts were interested, they could apply for the role. Together, we’d collaborate to create an unstoppable offering that clients loved. It went down a storm. And then someone said to us ‘there’s nothing like this out there… why don’t you make this available to all freelancers?’ So we did.


Let the projects you’re really looking for come to you. We feature quality, high-paying interesting roles that you’d normally only expect to find through your network or word of mouth.


Expand your capability and increase your value to clients. Find, connect and collaborate with other vetted, recommended experts  to broaden your service offering or increase capability.


Build your reputation, grow your awareness in the market. Using our tools, gain visibility among experts and independently attract clients who seek your skill set.


Save money and time on your vital business services. Get exclusive access to discounted services from our list of curated suppliers who are tuned into our freelance experts’ specific needs and challenges.


Stay in-demand. Keep your skills sharp and stay ahead of the curve with access to associate-only resources and content, tailored to our invite-only audience.


Acumendor is not just about work, it’s about giving you access to curated services, at a discount, that will help you and your business grow.

Acumendor is the only curated platform for freelancers with at least 5 years proven track record in change movement, data analysis and architecture and digital transformation.


We’re the antithesis of the practices, values and approach that have left both the clients and experts dissatisfied with the traditional way of working.


We knew our experts could do so much more. We knew we could be so much more. That’s why we created Acumendor.


Our existence challenges the status quo and conventional practice. Our experts embody the values it takes to rise in this new environment: open-mindedness, risk-taking and integrity.


That’s why we get great results and why our clients love working with us.